all rights reserved         © 2016 MP3... Original music made from free VSTi’s (software synth’s) off the Internet. Arabelle.mp3 Bloopy.mp3 Euro-Spy.mp3 Groove 2.mp3 Late Night.mp3 Poocher.mp3 Rain Walk.mp3 Riffer.mp3 Shadow and Light.mp3 Alieno, EVM Bassline 1.3. Claw, TransenderSE, Anubis. GTG PD9, Bass Cruncher, Alieno, EVM Ultrasonique. SR Waspy LE, EVM Bassline 1.3. Stelsi Virtual Synth 1.0, Utopia 2, Meridian VSTi, Flea. MoarF. EVM Bassline 1.3,EVM Ultrasonique, Cygnus SF, EZ Poly. Stelsi Virtual Synth 1.0, Uniretro, Utopia 2. EVM Bassline 1.3, NRR Flicker, TranscenderSE. VSTi’s ... Songs ... Click on links below to download songs. Please note: some newer browsers will play the songs instead of downloading. To download just right-click on the player bar while the song is playing and choose “save audio”.